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Scam-Rural Beatrice


DATE & TIME:                        05-20-2024 / 3:51 pm  

LOCATION:                            Rural Beatrice

OFFENSE:                               Scam                                   

CASE #:                                  2024-2511



A resident of rural Beatrice called the Gage County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, 05-20-2024 to report to an investigator that she had received a phone call from a male with a heavy accent that she had won 3.2 million dollars in a lottery and he needed her to get two “Green Dot” gift cards totaling $935.00 in order for her to register for the winnings, which would include a Ford Mustang and $10,000.00 a week for life.


She became wary of the suspect’s intentions and asked him how she had won a lottery and he told her she had registered at a grocery store, which she knew to not be true, so she did no provide him with any personal or confidential information and did not proceed with the “registration”.


She did not lose any money and was advised to ignore future calls from the suspect or to tell them she would meet with them or their representative at the sheriff’s office in Beatrice to conduct any further business.


The sheriff’s office reminds residents that scams come in all forms and the use of gift cards is a red flag in any transaction where you do not personally know the other person.  If you receive a suspicious phone call, e-mail, or personal contact, do not provide any financial information or money to the suspects.  Call Southeast Communications and ask to speak with a deputy or a police officer.


Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson #903

 Sergeant T. Hanson #90310