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Phone Scam

DATE & TIME:                       06-18-2024 / 10:10 am             

LOCATION:                           Rural Liberty, Nebraska

OFFENSE:                             Phone Scam

CASE #:                               2024-3044     

A resident who lives outside of Liberty, Nebraska called the Gage County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 to report he had received a phone call from a female with a heavy accent who told him someone was going to come to serve him papers, but wanted him to call the phone number of 844-678-3275 and the suspect even provided a case number (24057736).  The victim knew it was a scam and, correctly, knew that the sheriff’s office would serve him papers if he was being summoned to court.

The victim was confident it was a scam, so he did not send or lose any money to the scammer and he called the sheriff’s office to let us know about the attempt.

There are numerous ways to be scammed.  Always use caution, especially if you are dealing with unknown persons, whether it is on the phone, via the Internet, by mail, or in person.  Do not send any money or provide personal, confidential, of financial information to anyone you do not know is legitimate.  If you feel pressured, or the person asks you to give them gift cards, those are red flags that a scam is being conducted.

Speak with a family member, close friend, financial advisor, or call the Gage County Sheriff’s Office or your local police department if you believe you are being scammed.


Sheriff Millard Gustafson

Sgt Tim Hanson