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Accident/Incident Reports

To request an Accident or Incident report by email, you can contact us at or click on the Contact button on the left.  For a copy of an accident, we will need to have the driver's name, date of accident, case number if you have it, and location if you have it. 

For a copy of an Incident Report, we need to have the name of the person involved, what kind of incident it was, date of incident, and location of incident.  We do NOT release any other reports unless you have completed a "Freedom of Information" form or if we have received a Subpoena.

Also provide the name of the person requesting the report along with address and phone number.  There is no charge if we send it by email. 

You may also come to the Sheriff's Office to pick up a copy of the report at a cost of $.25 per page.  If you want to request a report by mail, please call this office to find out the amount of money you need to send with the request. 

If you would like photos from a case and can be released, please call to make arrangements.  The cost will be $5.  The photos will be burned to a CD.

PLEASE NOTE: Every operator of a motor vehicle involved in an accident resulting in either injury, death or damage over $1,000 to the property of any one person (including the operator) must complete and return a Nebraska state accident report form within 10 days following the accident to:

Highway Safety
Nebraska Department of Roads
P. O. Box 94669
Lincoln, NE 68509-4669
This form can be downloaded from the state website,