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Citizen Compliment-Complaint Form




The Gage County Sheriff’s Office encourages citizen feedback and positive recognition of its employees. The Gage County Sheriff’s Office also aggressively investigates allegations of misconduct lodged against its employees. The purpose of these investigations is to determine and examine all the facts and circumstances relevant to the incident in question. Should such allegations be sustained as a result of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken to prevent a future occurrence of the misconduct.


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The following is some information concerning our compliment/complaint procedures:

  1. Compliment/Complaint packets containing information on our compliment/complaint process and necessary forms for filing a compliment/complaint are available from the Gage County Sheriff’s Office located at 612 Lincoln St Ste 1 Beatrice, Nebraska 68310 or by going to our office website at
  2. To assist us in completely investigating your compliment/complaint, we ask that you provide your name and contact information so we can contact you for other information if necessary. Complaints will not be accepted more than 30 days after the alleged incident. To ensure the validity of a complaint, they must be signed. Anonymous complaints will be accepted but only investigated at the specific direction of the Sheriff.
  3. Compliments/complaints may be turned in by mail or dropped off at the Gage County Sheriff’s Office: Attention the Sheriff.
  4. The Sheriff may at his/her discretion assign the supervisor in charge of that employee or another agency to complete the investigation at his/her discretion based on the circumstances of the complaint.
  5. Whenever reasonably possible, we strive to complete all complaint investigations within 30 days. We will attempt to contact you and advise you when the investigation is complete. Please keep in mind many cases of internal personnel disciplinary actions are confidential and the details cannot be shared with the public.

If you have any other concerns or questions, feel free to contact the Gage County Sheriff’s Office at 402-223-5221 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


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